Karey Kessler

I make gouache and watercolor paintings that use the visual vocabulary of maps to convey a network of memories, imagined landscapes, and mystical places.
Map imagery, as opposed to cityscape or landscape imagery, gives me the freedom to depict more that what can be seen – it allows me to link psychological terrain with man made and natural landscapes. I find inspiration in cartography because maps can organize things that don’t usually fit together on a grid in neat systems - like memories, ecosystems and mystical places. I depict oceans and forests but also places that are wordless, outside time, and personal. A line on one of my maps might begin as a network of roads and then turn into celestial ladders, which then lead to the realm of angels. The same lines and dots which, on a “real” map would represent a very specific location, in my maps, represent and emphasize the impossibility of pinning down an ever shifting reality.